Why I No Longer Practice Reiki Energy Healings

When I learned of my twin flame, I experienced a spiritual awakening I never knew was possible. I wanted to learn so much about my own abilities as a psychic, and strengthen my healing abilities. After learning I healed others by absorbing their pain and emotions unconsciously, this was why I spent so many years in a low state of mind, I wanted to “amplify” my gift by becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner. As an Intuitive Healer, becoming a Reiki Practitioner was not a good idea. Here’s why:

It is easy to invite or summon negative energies.

I learned Reiki is a so called loving energy of pure white light that can do no harm. This all depends on the state of mind of the individual who is performing the service. One fact I noticed about the western world is many people are living in low vibrations and can care less about the next person unless a dollar sign is attached to them. So we have individuals who are becoming certified “energy healers” who are still at odds with their own convictions. This opens the portal to evil if we want to accept it or not.

With Reiki energy, from my experience, the Practitioner must invite Reiki energy into their human experience and then channel this healing energy through the palm of their hands to the client. This activates self healing in the body. Whenever we have to “invite” something in our lives, we have to be very careful. Dark forces love invitations. It is their way to sneak into our existence pretending to be something or someone they are not. This is too common with energy healing like Reiki.

Many are dealing with “demons” first hand, but identify with them as “spirit guides”.

When I was in the Facebook Reiki Group my Reiki Master created, there were some bazaar stories being shared. There were tens of thousands of members in this group. Often, members would say they saw monsters running after them when they would do spirit guide meditations. They were led to believe these entities were their ugly spirit guides or higher self needed to grow on a spiritual level. With proper growth, these spirit guides would become beautiful overtime. These experiences are Reiki Practitioners dealing with demonic attacks first hand. Despite popular belief in this field, we never need to summon spirit guides. Taking time to go within through meditation and prayer for guidance is all we need to become stronger beings.

Another story was from a man who said after becoming Certified, his “spirit guide” would wake him up in the middle of the night. He explained how the entity would literally snatch him out of the bed by his ankle. He was asking others in the group if they experienced this sort of behavior from their spirit guides. Some have and others said it would get better as he grew stronger through meditation. I am here to tell you that Reiki is the number one way to summon demons into your life. These are not spirit guides. They are pure evil.

Unhappy Practitioners are proof of demons being present in their practice.

I used to defend Reiki, because it healed me in ways traditional medicine could not. However, the Practitioner I received my healings from was not a high vibrational person. Receiving tarot readings and healings from her seemed like a chore she didn’t want to do. I visited this witch store (which posed as a metaphysical store) for over a year. This store was a part of my experience and why I chose to follow my soul mission.

In the Reiki group, I remember how individuals were on multiple medications and barely alive starting Reiki businesses. To some, this may seem safe as Reiki is channeled and not the energy of the Practitioner. However, when one is ill and their energy is low vibrational, they are limited and can summon the wrong energies to their clients.

When receiving high energy services, we can’t work with individuals who are unhappy performing “pure healing” services on us. Many are doing this healing work for the money and not the well being of their clients. This can invite low energy into your being and cause more harm than good.

We all have natural healing abilities.

We can all unlock our natural healing abilities by going within, spending time in nature, praying to God for guidance and to unlock this special ability we already possess. Seeking outside healing with Reiki is too risky. Working with an intuitive healer who can make you aware of your body along with lifestyle changes, and your physician’s guidance can bring miracles to one’s life.

In conclusion, Reiki was a stepping stone to teach me how to use my own healing powers. As I mentioned above, I would absorb others energy unconsciously and didn’t know how to release their emotions and pain. As I spent time working on myself through prayer, fasting, lifestyle changes, self love techniques and meditation my life has been a pure blessing to myself and my family. Now I can absorb others energies, release these energies immediately, fill that person with healing, love or whatever emotion I can counter positively, and heal myself without using Reiki energy. This way is safe, protected by God & offers true results that can not be tainted in any way.

To those who are on the fence about Reiki energy, I would advise seeking an intuitive healer instead.

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I help others awaken the greatness they already possess through self healing.

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