About Nisha

It all started with her twin flame journey…

Nisha has had her fair share of ups and downs. It wasn’t until she learned she was on a twin flame journey (summer 2020) when her life changed forever. This journey took Nisha down the rabbit whole of seeing 11:11 and other repeating numbers. She also learned she was an intuitive healer which explained her instant mood changes when around people who were ill or not in a good mood. Nisha spent many years absorbing other’s energy. Learning of her gifts she now heal herself and others. She was blessed with other psychic abilities in addition to being a healer.

After becoming curious of her gifts she practiced positive-based occult activities like tarot card readings. She also became a Reiki Practitioner. Nisha has been spiritual for years, but was curious after consulting a psychic and learning of her gifts. Nisha searched her entire life trying to find answers to questions about her abilities. The Christian faiths she practiced didn’t have answers. After performing card readings and Reiki, Nisha has learned which ones have a true positive influence that can guide a person down a good path and those rooted in negative energy. She no longer practice or offer Reiki and card readings. Nisha believes these practices can be easily manipulated by dark entities due to the instability of most humans beings today.

Her journey continued to take her through multiple spiritual awakenings and becoming a new mom after 14 years. Most importantly, Nisha learned to love herself unconditionally, believe in herself again and permanently released those who served a negative purpose in her life regardless of the connection she shared with them. Nisha’s twin flame journey was about remembering who she was ( a gifted beam of light God chose to make a difference on the planet). This journey also took Nisha down a self love journey like no other.

As a light worker, Nisha’s mission is to touch as many souls on the planet as possible. She is doing this by spreading love, providing factual authentic information from her own personal experiences, and using her gifts to show others our Creator never stopped creating gifted humans after the bible was published.

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