Reiki Healing

Reiki is an alternative medicine called energy healing that is channeled through the hands of the Practitioner. This energy promotes self healing within the body. Reiki can assist with anything from balancing chakras, clearing energy, treating health complications under a Physician’s supervision, emotional imbalances, promote overall self love/self healing and so much more. Reiki Healings can be performed in person, virtually or at any distance as energy is non-physical.

30 minutes $70 | 1 hour $140

Intuitive Healing Session

One on One Healing Session $50 (45 minutes) In this session, you will learn how to release events which no longer serve you. In addition, you have a confidential platform where you are free to express yourself and prepare for ultimate healing. I will walk you through every step of the way while creating a safe space for you to transition & take back control of your life.

Guided Meditation

Learn how to meditate effectively. I’ll teach you how to go within to embrace your inner self, relax your mind, body and spirit. Focus on the intentions you set for yourself. Learn this experience in a combination of ways that will make a huge difference in your life.

15 minutes $20 | 30 minutes $40 | Group Meditation (2-5 people) 15 minutes $15 each person or 30 minutes $25 ** Groups for more than 5 people contact me for rates.

Card Reading

My readings are designed to give you insight while focusing on positivity and healing. I offer readings based on your love life, twin soul journey & specific situations you are facing that requires healing. Readings are highly effective and accurate. *Note* Readings are not to to cure or treat any illnesses. Readings are used for suggestions only and not to be replaced with basic human knowledge.

30 minutes $60 | 1 hour $120 | 3 – Past, Present, & Future or 3 card insight/guidance readings $30

Lifestyle Consulting

One on One Lifestyle Session $100/hr

Are you interested in changing your lifestyle to an overall happier version of yourself? In this consultation, we’ll take an overall look at your existing lifestyle and make the necessary adjustments to help you create a plan that is effective just for you. Receive a proper plan that focuses on what you consume on all levels. Learn what self care really means and build a stronger, happier, better you!

Spiritual Wellness Session $100/hr or 4 weekly 1 hour sessions for $400

This session is for anyone who is ready and willing to take their lives to the next level. Learn how to unlock your true potential, re-discover who you are, open your mind to manifest your true desires, learn what it really mean to balance your chakras, heal yourself from the inside out and so much more. Each hour session will help you begin to master who you are.

Beauty Consulting

One on One Beauty Session $100/hr

Ask me anything about your hair & I’ll assist you with the proper techniques, tool knowledge, products to purchase (including naturally sourced items) and guidance you need to create a successful beauty regimen that works just for you.